Vincent (Starry Night)

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今天和牧青同学去看厦大同学演的话剧《我们的小镇》。海边来的同学总是带来惊喜。像上次结尾的《I will follow him》给我留下了深刻的印象一样,这次的配乐也很赞~尤其是这首暖场和结尾的曲目《Vincent》。




Vincent (Starry Night) Don McLean

Starry, starry night 繁星点点的夜晚,

Paint your palette blue and gray 为你的调色板调上灰与蓝。

Look out on a summer’s day 夏日里向外望一眼

With eyes that know the darkness in my soul


Shadows on the hills 山丘上的阴影,

Sketch the trees and the daffodils 描绘出树木和水仙花的轮廓,

Catch the breeze and the winter chills 捕捉着微风与冬日凛冽,

In colors on the snowy linen land 以色彩呈现在雪白的画布上。

Now I understand 如今我才明白,

What you tried to say to me 你当时要对我说的是什么。

How you suffered for your sanity ,为你自己的清醒承受了多少痛苦

How you tried to set them free 你有多努力的尝试让它们得到解脱。

They would not listen 但是人们拒绝理会,

They did not know how 那时他们不知该如何倾听。

Perhaps they’ll listen now 也许现在他们会愿意听……

Starry, starry night 繁星点点的夜晚,

Flaming flowers that brightly blaze 火红的花朵明亮灿烂

Swirling clouds in violet haze 卷云在紫色的暮霭里漂浮

Reflect in Vincent’s eyes of china blue 映照在文森特瓷器一般湛蓝的双眼

Colors changing hue 色彩变化万千,

Morning fields of amber grain 清晨琥珀色的谷田,

Weathered faces lined in pain 一张张饱经风霜与苦痛的脸,

Are smoothed beneath the artist’s Loving hand


Now I understand 我终于读懂了,

What you tried to say to me 你当时的肺腑之言。

How you suffered for your sanity 你如何由于清醒而痛苦,

How you tried to set them free 你多想将它们释放。

They would not listen 人们却不加理会,

They did not know how 他们不懂欣赏。

Perhaps they’ll listen now 也许,也许现在他们会了……

For they could not love you 他们不会爱上你,

But still your love was true 你的爱却仍然真挚不变。

And when no hope was left inside 当最后一点希望都一去不返,

On that starry, starry night 在那繁星点点的夜晚,

You took your life 你拿走了自己的生命,

As lovers often do 如同情人们常常做的一样。

But I could have told you, Vincent 文森特,我本该告诉你。

This world was never meant for one 这个世界本就不属于。

As beautiful as you。像你这样美好的灵魂,

Starry, starry night 繁星点点的晚上,

Portraits hung in empty halls 空旷的大厅里挂着你的一幅幅画作。

Frameless heads on nameless walls 无名的墙上无框的肖像,

With eyes that watch the world ,

And can’t forget 有着注视人世而无法忘怀的眼睛。

Like the strangers that you’ve met 就像你曾遇见的陌生人,

The ragged men in ragged clothes 那些衣着褴褛,境遇落魄的人。

The silver thorn of bloody rose 血红玫瑰上银刺,

Lie crushed and broken ,

On the virgin snow饱受蹂躏后静静躺在初雪的大地上。

Now I think I know 我想我现懂了,

What you tried to say to me 你当时要对我说的是什么。

How you suffered for your sanity 你为了你的清醒是多么痛苦,

How you tried to set them free 你多想将它们释放。

They will not listen 而他们根本不会去听,

They’re not listening still 此刻,仍无人在听

Perhaps, they never will 也许,永远。



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